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Most HOA’s and neighbors are more than happy to allow for bins to be left out a little longer than usual when they hear why.  Having your bins regularly sanitized keeps the entire community healthier and more pleasant. But if there isn’t leeway, just leave your bins near your garage and we will bring them to the curbside truck, sanitize them and return them.

Simply put, some things are just worth paying for!  No one wants to spend their free time cleaning their trash cans.  Not only does that result in splashing nasty trash water all over you but that filthy water, along with the chemicals most people use, then runs right onto your property and into your local water source.  That’s horrible for your community and family! For an affordable price, we come straight to your bacteria laden bins, use high pressure, and temperature water to-sanitize your bins, and remove all of the wastewater to be dispose of environmentally appropriately.  Take back your garage, save your free time to spend with family, and keep your neighborhood and environment Eco Fresh!

Absolutely! Please contact us HERE for group pricing plans and discounts.

This depends largely on your needs and whether you’re a residential or commercial space but we generally recommend that all bins be cleaned at least once a month.

Most likely yes. Our UNIVERSAL equipment can work with most of the waste disposal bins used in Oklahoma, but to clarify, CLICK HERE to contact us and one of our knowledgeable staff will attend to all your questions.

Most bins are pretty dirty, so its obvious when they are cleaned. However, we also place green tape on the lid of all the bins we’ve cleaned, to indicate that they are Eco Fresh!

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll add you to a route and email you to let you know your scheduled service date(s). As a friendly reminder, we’ll also notify you the week your bins will be cleaned.

Simply put, regular soap and water are not enough to get rid your trash bin of germs. High-temperature power washing is the only way to rid your bins of up to 99.9% of the germs and leave them odor free.

Eco Fresh Bins: Convenient, Affordable, and Effective!

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